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The Chow Chow Club Incorporated
New Zealand

Club History



The History of the Chow Chow Club, NZ

Mr & Mrs Nickolson from Henderson imported three Chows from the UK in 1956: Omars Mandarin, dog, and Omars Ruby Wun, bitch. About the late 1960’s they imported Kwaisay Koko also from the UK, who was later sold to Australia due to Nick’s ill health. Pam Wrench brought into NZ in 1969, chows from the Zebedee kennels, Australia. Pam also later imported several chows from Tanlap kennels in the UK. Bonnie Pelikan brought in Baytor Ah-Shau from Baytor Kennels in the UK who arrived by ship in 1969. He was sold to me in 1973 and was mated to my Osuno bitch Anastasia. One of their second litter was to go Best In Show, All Breeds, in 1979. These imported dogs and bitches mainly made up the bulk of show dogs and parents of puppies from late 1960’s to late 1980’s. The Chow Club was recognised by NZKC in October 1974 with 22 founder members. Only 2 of us remain as members—Pam Wrench and myself. Sadly most of them have passed on along with their beautiful Chow friends. The Chow Club was granted its first Championship show in 1980 and we have had the privilege of using several UK and American specialist judges. Over the years there have been Four Chows go Best In Show All Breeds:

Ch Kwaisay Koko (1960’s), Ch Shah Rand Tai Yuiuari (1979) and Baloo of Rucasyl (1985).(16 May 2004) CH.Melei Hong Satchmo OfMekwong the first black dog to achieve this on 16 May 2004 at Hawkes Bay Kennel Assn All-Breeds Championship Shows.

Blackie Harland, Shah Rand Kennels

Article For Our First Chow Club Champ Show-1980

The dog with a blue tongue

A dog with a blue tongue? – That’s ridiculous! “Not at all”. Said the lady whose fondness for these animals has become a passion. “But it’s very rare. In fact,” she continued “the only other animal species that have blue tongues are the bear.”  Come to think of it, there are other similarities. For the great warm, cuddly bundle of fur snoozing peacefully at the feet of Otahuhu’s Eileen Hallett could easily have been mistaken for a bear cub. And he’s just as loveable.

Mrs Hallett’s affection for this singular breed of dog, the Chow Chow, is shared, of course by everyone who owns one and, in particular, by the 130 members of the New Zealand Chow Chow Club which was founded only seven years ago. Now the club members want the public to share their enthusiasm and will put the dogs on show Saturday, September 27. It’s the club’s first championship show and it will be held at Otahuhu College Hall, Mangere Road.

 A feature of the show will be the appearance of Mrs Sheila Jakeman, one of England’s top Chow Chow breeder’s and a specialist in the judging of this breed in some of the world’s most prestigious dog shows. Mrs Jakeman will address the gathering and show a film on the raising and training of the Chow Chows.

 Although the breed has become popular in this country only in recent years, its history can be traced as far back as the 11th century. As the name suggests the Chow is of Chinese origin and was used historically as a guard dog, a hunting dog and even as a food delicacy.

 The Chow Chow still makes a wonderful watch dog but differs characteristically in many ways from the average household canine. He is very proud and aloof, and gives the impression that he would rather go his own way in life. And what a long life that can be-for a dog. When properly fed and cared for a Chow Chow can live quite happily to 15 or 16 years.

 Most of the New Zealand Chow Chows are red in colour, but blue, blacks and fawns are not unknown here. And the breed and the varieties are becoming increasingly popular.

 Perhaps this can be accounted for not so much by the Chow’s distinctive attributes as by a very dog-like trait-a willingness to give whole hearted devotion to the person  lucky enough to have one.


1ST OCTOBER 1927-27th JULY 2009-09


I first met Muriel in June 1975; she arrived at our house to buy a Chow puppy. Our first ever litter were only five days old. One of the Chow Club founding members, Mr Stan Lamb, had two Chows and Muriel had seen him at Browns Bay shopping centre.

 Muriel being Muriel wanted to know where he got them from.

He told her about his dogs, and then told her about our litter of puppies.Muriel was interested in buying a bitch puppy. We had two boys and two girls. I had picked the girl I wanted to keep, so Muriel left a $100.00 deposit on the other girl.

A friendship of thirty-six years started that day. Sadly her girl puppy died aged, eleven days (faiding puppy). I had a bit of a problem with Mu as she had paid a deposit. (I one that one)! Muriel went on to buy four pups from me over twenty years.

We had a lot of fun travelling all over the North Island to shows. We did the Nationals four times with a Great Dane, three adult and four puppy Chows. Heaps of hard work, and a hell of a lot of fun.

In the 1980’s we were always able to get motels to allow us to have the dogs with us. Two of the motels asked us to book for the next year. They were happy with how we managed to leave the motel as we found it, clean and tidy.

Muriel always showered her dogs beautifully, presented and well-behaved. I didn’t often beat her, when I did; I was really over the moon. Mu didn’t like to be beaten and often let everyone within hearing distance know.

 I was so proud of Muriel at an All Breeds show in Tauranga, when she and Kuno,(Champion Shah Rand Tai Yuan) won Best In Show,  Specialist judge. 

Muriel brought three Chows from the Baytor Kennels in England, and bred a few litters from them. The pups mostly were sold to Australia.

Muriel’s last Chow died quite a few years ago and she didn’t want to get another because of her age. She had a lovely cat who adopted her instead.

Her other interests were her weekly trips to Orewa to play Bingo. She was lucky to win the Big One. Sometimes a friend would take her to the casino, as she liked the pokies, and again, seldom did she lose all her money.

Muriel, her husband Tom, son Keith, and his wife Jan, all arrived in

New Zealand in 1973 from London. Muriel out lived them all, she is going to the Rainbow Bridge very suddenly to meet up with all her Chow children.                                              


Rest in Peace Mu,
Blackie Harland



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