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The West Highland White Terrier is a small, game hardy-looking terrier, possessed of no small amount of self esteem.Originally bred for hunting small vermin and rabbit the Westie is now primarily a companion dog but he still retains his hunting instincts. A self assured little dog with lots of attitude the westie is happy to either accompany you on a 10k ramble or spend the day lying at the foot of your bed if you don’t feel well…but whatever, his most important need is your company.

Do they require a lot of grooming?

Yes, they need regular brushing and trimming four to six times a year. They have a harsh top coat and a soft under coat. For the pet owner this means brushing out two to three times a week to remove excess undercoat to stop it matting and tangling between trips to the dog groomer. They do not shed a lot of hair in the house like other short haired breeds. Being a “white” breed they require an occasional bath, however too much bathing can strip the oil from their coat and make it dry so a bath not more than every two to three weeks is best. It is possible to keep him white in between with an occasional ‘dry cleaning’ with chalk and potato flour.

How much exercise do they need?

They are quite an active little breed and given the chance they love to go for a brisk walk around the block or run through the paddocks. Due to their spontaneous nature they need to be on a lead at all times where there is any possibility of cars or other danger.

How obedient are they?

While they can be taught manners and basic obedience they are not always the most obedient of dogs and like to do things in their own time. The need for a well fenced area at home and a leash out in public is essential. 

Are they good with children?

Yes, but the children should be at least school age or older. Younger children require constant supervision with the puppy. As long as the children are respectful and non abusive to the dog they can be great companions. If the dog can not cope with a situation it is likely to remove itself but if chased after or cornered they may nip. 

 Skin problems?

Yes, some westies can be prone to skin problems however here at Whitebriar we strive to only breed from the healthiest stock with no known skin problems. However it is important to ensure your westie is kept free of fleas and is on a sensible natural feeding diet as these factors can play a role in skin problems.


What makes a good owner?

When talking to prospective new owners of a westie puppy I look for a situation where someone will be at home most or some of the day with the puppy. He needs to have a safe well fenced yard or area to play where he has shelter from adverse weather and shade in the summer.
Hopefully, he will be part of the family and be allowed in at least part of the house and be included in family activities. He will be taken out for walks and visits and be well socialized with other people and dogs.
He will have his needs met with regular health vaccinations and check ups and be fed a good wholesome diet. He will be regularly groomed and kept in such a way as he can be a proud westie and in return give his loyalty and devotion to his family.


What do I get when I collect my puppy?

Along with your new puppy will come:

A puppy handout – this details information on diet and general do’s and don’ts
A Vaccination certificate – this details when your puppies next vaccination is due
A copy of the puppy’s breeding – for your information only and does not constitute pedigree registration .


Can we come and visit your Westie family?

Yes, most certainly but please call us for an appointment first.